1958 Canoe Trip to Lake Drummond

This site is about a canoe trip that Beckye and I made with our high-school buddy and good friend , Cyrus Guynn, in 1958. 

Cyrus borrowed a canoe and we put in on Rt. 17 at the feeder ditch to Lake Drummond, which is near the community of Deep Creek in Chesapeake, Va.  The trip up the feeder ditch to the lake is 5 miles long.  It is necessary to portage a lock midway up the ditch.

Jerry Lester

                 Cyrus and me at the lock


Cyrus was a smart, adventuresome guy whom I admired and emulated.  He became a medical doctor.

Beckye.  Still looks as good!

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Cyrus doing some paddling.  It's a long way up the ditch.

"Jerry, did you take a picture of my butt?"  "No, dear."

Beckye's nice butt.

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