A Reminisce With Marguerite Tise

Voice recordings made during a trip around the Little River area—Late Summer 1997

By Jerry Lester, 8-10-2008

Segment 1: West Fork, Owen Sumner, Jezpkiah Sumner, Owen Sumner, Jack Lawson, Charles Simmons lived here from 1790-1820, sold to John Lester, Jr., George Simmons, Joe Lawson, Harry Lawson, Dale Howard

Segment 2: West Fork, how I documented with GPS and notebook computer, Imogene ?, John Lester, Jr., George Simmons on Rt. 8,, Charles Simmons until 1820 when he sold to John Lester, Jr. and went to live with his son William and wife, Rhoda Lester, Jack Lawson owns Farmer Supply in Floyd

Segment 3: Sumner, John Lester, Jr., homes would be near a spring, setting out Pines, flooding, truss bridge, Ira Howard, Will's Ridge, cellular towers, Beaver Creek Church moved here

Segment 4: whole bunch of Lesters, William and Rhoda Lester Simmons, Simmons/Lester Cemetery [Pine Tree Cemetery], William Simmons buried there...and probably Charles Simmons who lived with William after leaving his place, "Simmonsville", William Lester who was Rhoda's brother, John Lester, III,  Elder Posey Lester, Mrs. Hilton, Thomas R. Simmons

Segment 5: Beaver Creek Road—'nothing to see', Rt. 705, 11:13 AM, William Simmons, fooling with tape recorder, fishing, fording, Russell 'something', Imogene

Segment 6: Discussion of "Richard Ratliff's old place at the ford."  And, suggestion the William Simmons may have stopped off on the way to see Rhoda Simmons.

Segment 7:  Discussion of the roads and country side, including Rt. 606 and Rt. 617.

Segment 8: White Oak Grove Church on Rt. 617.  Also old store I've photographed.  Daniel and Paradine Lester Peterman house burned in 1925.  Hulen Lester gave farms to Paradine and Aveline, gave all children farms, although the boys got bigger ones.  Lesters moved to Floyd because land was cheap and new.  Daniel Peterman died in Civil War.

Segment 9: Discussion of farm land —steep—along 615, survival on family farms, mowing big lawns, status symbol, going down to bridge over Little River, John Lester's home location, was up near cemetery.  Everett Simmons place, George Boothe grave, Sower's Mill Dam.  Tise accounting of her time in Washington D.C. beginning in 1934, 4 years in Foreign Service, taught a year at a college in S.C., came back to Washington in '45, apartment at Posey Lester's house in 1982 in Floyd, had place in Washington until 1988.  Washington, D.C., "a big, small town when I went there."

Segment 10: Tise: "My father constructed the power plant at Sower's Mill Dam in 1912?.  In 1930, the demand for electricity had increased so much that they had to shut down the power plant for periods to let the dam 're-fill'.  Simmons home place, including Daniel Simmons.  I recounted Pierce poling across river to tend land.  Land has grown up lament.

Segment 11:  Simmonses burried in St. Matthews Church yard. Hulen lived in the river bottom.  Daughter who married a Bolan lived with him.  Charles D. and then Letcher lived there until house burned in 1913?.  Charlie D. Hill.  Letcher Lester went to Pennsylvania after house burned.  Unlikely place for house [flooding potential].

Segment 12: Visit Grace Lester's home up Charlie D. Hill.  She lived there as a single woman until she married Will Phalegar in 1924.  She was his 3rd wife.  Letcher probable assisted her as a single woman.

Segment 13:  About the Lester Book. Mary K. [Lester Cooper] helped a lot.  Charles David or Charles Duncan?

Segment 14: Leaving Grace Lester's place and going to Ira Lester's and Joshua Lester's.  I took picture of Ira Lester place [where is it?]

Segment 15: Discussion of Hulen's disposition to sons.  Lost family pictures and records of Mary Edna Howell, "a great genealogist," Minnie Lester Howell's  daughter.  Marguerite's feeling that her son, David's [David Clayton Myers] first wife threw it all away because she didn't care anything about that sort of thing, pictures, everything.