The Lester Family of Floyd County and Montgomery County Virginia


Marguerite Tise

Second Printing 1997

  1. Complete Book - 14mb - Loads slowly, but is worth the wait if you want to print the entire manuscript.

  2. Individual Pages - Use the Contents page or the Index to determine which page you want to see and then click on the page number.  The Index starts on page 217.  Or go to the complete Index, which may load rather slowly on a dial-up connection.  It is more convenient to open the Index in one browser window and the Individual Pages in another.  Then you can refer back and forth easily.

  I spent most of a day once with Marguerite driving around Floyd Co., Va., at her direction while she pointed out family sites of interest to me (and her).  I used my notebook computer with map software and GPS connection to record on the map the places of interest.  I have converted the computer screen shots to Adobe Acrobat pdf format. See the maps.  Click on the All Maps.pdf to see the collection of maps or on the individual maps to see them.

Remarkably, Marguerite did not use a computer to produce the manuscript of her book.  She did it on a typewriter!  And, she included the most complete index I have ever seen!  Every person mentioned in the text is in the index with all the page numbers where the person is mentioned.  At least, I've not found any exceptions.  I've seen no "typos" or misspelled words or inconsistent formatting, and the formatting is very systematic with numbering, letters and indenting to delineate the various generations.  I'm blown away by what she was able to do in her late 80's.  Her mind was so good. 


Jerry Lester
January 28, 2005
Revised September 18—Hard copy of book no longer available.