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These are the men who signed this autograph page:
02/04/34 - Thomas F. Carlin, 42-15 34th Avenue, Long Island City, New York, "Your Ding bat pal from Long Island N.Y."
02/04/34 - Robert B. Steen, 16 Malvern Ave., Edgewood, R.I., "A word to the wise is sufficient"
02/04/34 - Abe Levine, New York City, "Don't forget your spinach"
03/22/34 - Charley Fullerton, Experiment, Ga., "No sense of humor"
03/25/34 - Ivan G. Fortin, "Wanna buy a duck?"
03/25/34 - Stanley J. Crowe, Hornell, N.Y., "Just a 'Rube'"
03/25/34 - J. R. Stribling, Lincoldnton, Ga., "Just a pal"
03/25/34 - J. H. Magliola, Monck's Corner, S.C., "Bunko The Artist"

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