Isa Ellen Lester Memoirs
These memoirs were completed in December of 1979.  Isa died the following July 23 in New London, Pennsylvania.  (The memoirs are in a 31mb file and thus, are very slow to
load.  Be patient.)

She was born in Floyd County, Virginia, on June 8, 1896.  The house where her family lived was occupied as of 2010.

Her parents, Hulen Berdine Lester and Nanzella Duncan and family are pictured with Hulen's father, John Floyd Lester, a Civil War veteran.  Ottis and Ora are Hulen's children
by his previous marriage to Octavia M. Lester and Isa makes reference to them in her memoirs. Daughters, Isa and Iva Gladys are not included, probably because this picture
was made prior to 1896 when Isa was born.  Gladys was not born until 1899.

A later picture follows.

The next picture is of Isa and Lathie Lester (2nd Cousin), perhaps on their wedding day, or made to commemorate it. Following is a picture of Isa, probably taken when her, new husband, Lathie,
Lester was soldering in WW I. It was taken with Lathie's parents and young brother.


These are Isa's Virginia roots.  Her memoir describes these times and her later life in Pennslyvania.

Jerry Curtis Lester
March 20, 2014
The Villages, Florida